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Property ID: #00006230

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Punjab National Bank
ARMB, 448-A, Dr.Nanjappa Road, Coimbatore - 641 018. Contact 9952696070/7708066920/0422-2231314 Chief Manager / Authorised Officer
Auction ID: #00006230
Institution: Punjab National Bank
Property type: Vacant Land
Location Details: S.F.No.217, new Re.Survey No.S F No.190/2A, SF No.218, new Re.Survey No.199/3B and 200/2, Chittharavuthanpalayam Village, Dharapuram Sub Registration District, Dharapuram Taluk, Tirupur District.
Brief Details: Lot No.5: In SF No.217, new Re S.No.190/2A, an extent of 6.53 Acres, in New Re.S.No.190/2A, an extent of 2.64.5 hectares and a well situated therein.
(b) In SF No.218, new Re S.No.200/2 and 199/4, an extent of 17.56 Acres, in this an extent of 8.06 acres.
The total extent of the above items (a) and (b) of the properties are 14.59 acres.
Lot No.6: In S.F.No.218, new Re.S.No.199/3B, and 200/2, an extent of 17.56 acres, in this 3.78 Acres, and the right to use the Road on the Western part of the Kaliappa Gounder and South North Road, and the right to use the mamool roads to reach the property.
The total extent mentioned in the above Lot No.5 & 6 of the properties are (6.53 Acres + 8.06 Acres + 3.78 Acres) 18.37 Acres (i.e. in SF No.217 and 218), in this 8.53 Acres of land (As per patta 8.49 Acres)
The above two properties will be sold as a Single lot.
Last date for EMD and KYC submission : 13-11-2017 before 4.00P.M.
For Inspection and further details of the property, contact : Authorised Officer, at : 7708066920.
Reserve Price: Rs.3,70,00,000/-
Auction Date and Location: 15/11/2017 4.00pm.to5.00pm. at Online E-Auction.

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