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State Bank of India
SARB, "Red Cross Building", #32, Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai - 600 008. Contact 9444444958 / 044-28881034/ 28881043/944431413 Chief Manager / Authorised Officer
Auction ID: #00007251
Borrower Name: M/s.Grand White Palace LLP
Institution: State Bank of India
Property type: Hotel
Location Details: S.No.405/24,New T.S No.37/2, S.No. 405/24 (new T.S.No.37/5) and S.No. 405/24 (new T. S. No. 37/3), S.No. 405/24 (new T.S. No. 37/2) , North car street, Sirkali Town and Municipality of Nagapatinam District.
Brief Details: Item No.1a: Land and Building in S.No.405/24,New T.S No.37/2 to the extent of 3564 Sq.ft. and S.No. 405/24 (new T.S.No.37/5) to the extent of 2750 Sq.ft. and S.No. 405/24 (new T. S. No. 37/3) to the extent of 750 sq.ft. and S.No. 405/24 (new T.S. No. 37/2) to the extent of 1925 sq.ft., Bounded on the :
For S.No.405/24,New T.s No.37/2: North by - Malarvizhi manai; South by - Taj Complex;
East by - Jawaharnesan manai; West by 11 feet common pathway (with Subravelu manai with compound wall including)
For S.No. 405/24 (new T.S.No.37/5):
North by - Varadarajan manai; South by - Malarvizhi manai; East by - Remaining manai of Ganesh & Senthil; West by - 11 feet common pathway;
For S.No. 405/24 (new T. S. No. 37/3)
North by - common pathway
South by - Taj Complex
East by - Varadarajan manai
West by - Venkateswara Medical House Vagayara manai
For S. No. 405/24 (new T.S. No. 37/2):
North by - Street; South by - Varadarajan manai ; East by- Remaining portion of Ganesh & Senthil manai; West by - 11 feet common pathway.
1b. Land and Building in S.No.405/24(New T.S No. 37/3 to the extent of 13649 sq.ft. - bounded on the : North by - T Varadarajan & remaining manai of Ganesh; South by - 11 feet common pathway & remaining manai of Ganesh; East by - Jawaharnesan manai & Building; West by - 11 feet common pathway.
Date and Time during which inspection of the immovable secured assets to be sold and
intending bidders should satisfy themselves about the assets and their specification : 04-01-2020 ; Time : 11.00am. to 1.00p.m. ; Contact Person : Mr.P.Srinivasulu; Contact No. : 9444444958.
Reserve Price: Rs.18,86,00,000/-
Auction Date and Location: 10/01/2020 11.00a.m.to12.00Noon at Online E-Auction.

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