About us

Bankpropertyauction.com is the banking property auction Division of M/S Good Business India, who have vast experience in Service Sector. The Web site Bankpropertyauction.com  is a data information platform, which ,on one hand collates information on auctions/possession of Non performing assets (NPAs) of the Banks/Financial  Institutions in India,and on the other hand   serves as a search engine for intending bidders/ buyers, who can ,through our user friendly interface  identify properties suitable to them.

India, which  has gathered momentum to achieve financial Independency, sometimes slows down due to increasing external borrowings and mounting internal irrecoverable debts. This affects the fund flow for India, in all its developmental activities.

Banks  and recognized Financial Institutions need to maintain a healthy financial portfolio and it is a global truth that such vision is negated by NPA assets. We have thus modeled bankpropertyauction.com, to cater to the Banks and financial Institution’s need to help in seamlessly relaying information on such NPAs ,and efficiently listing them for a wider publicity ,so that the intending buyer of such property, by a click of a button would be able  to access the required information .The system has been enabled to view the listings property wise, location wise and bank wise.  

You may soon experience as to how auction/possession Information published through our web platform, has provided a hand holding experience not only to the intending Banks/Financial Institutions, but also to  the intending buyers, till such asset is successfully sold……..